Meet the Amadio Family

Susan Amadio - Susan’s mixed media ceramic creations include unique figurative sculptures and mosaic designs. The figurative interpretations can range from quite literal to capricious and unexpected. The use of multiple textures and earth-toned colors enhance this work by highlighting the detailed surfaces, with the effects often heightened by using the raku firing process and underglazes. Susan has been working as a full time artist since 2005. The recurring nature theme in many of her inspirations is a result of her love of gardening.

Rob Amadio - Rob is the creator of the ironwork designs. His inner artist was awakened after he salvaged some old iron castings slated for the scrap yard. He has developed a line of wine racks, garden bells, decorative fireplace screens, wall hangings and trellises with more in the works.

Ed Amadio - Ed is the chief fabricator, welder, and occasionally a designer for much of the ironwork. Both he and his dad have parlayed their knowledge of metal work from the auto body business into their artistic pursuits. Ed’s capability as a troubleshooter often allows ideas from Susan and Rob to be brought to fruition.

Jen Amadio - All our thanks for one of the best gifts ever as the brainchild for this web site!